Deposit - Pensionyi


  • Issued two accounts “saving” and “on demand”
  • Customer receives FREE plastic chip card of Elcart or Visa Classic
  • Maintenance for year of Elcart or VISA Electron for FREE
  • Depositors are presenters  of pension certificates, women aged 58 years and men aged 63 years.
  • According to the "saving" account idividual cannot withdraw cash and accrued interest at the end of each month are transferred to the "on demand", which can be topped up, carry cash and settlement services in the trade - service enterprises at current tariffs of the Bank.
  • Minimum balance on the savings account 1000 soms or 50 US dollars.
  • Interest: monthly
  • Possibility to withdraw charged interest – monthly from card Elcart or VISA
  • Deposit amount – unlimited



Replenishment of account "on demand"

0% of sum

Cashing in from account "on demand"

0,4% of sum

Elcart Commission
Replenishment of account "on demand" 0% of sum
Cashing in from account "on demand"  0% of sum

Interest rates

  In som In US Dollars
3 months 3.75%
6 months 6.5%
9 months 8.25%
12 months 9.75%
18 months 10.25%
24 months 10.5%
36 months 10.75%

Upon expiration of the contract, subject to consent of the client, the period is automatically extended for the same period under the same conditions. The number of prolongations is not limited. This type of deposit makes it possible to implement long-term savings for people of retirement age, while receiving a steady income in the form of accrued interest, the so-called supplementary pension, which can be used through a payment card.

* The Bank reserves the right, in consultation with the client, set clients individual commissions and interest rates than those listed above, depending on the volume of transactions on the account /s and depending on other factors, such as, for example, changes in market conditions, in accordance with the legislation of the Kyrgyz Republic

*The effective interest rate is equal to the declared