Deposit - Udobnyi


  • Deposits are issued through the universal scheme of interest calculation on the payment card.
  • Customer receives for free a magnetic or plastic chip card.
  • Irreducible balance in the account - 30 000 soms, 25 000 rubles or 500 US dollars.
  • Maintenance for year of Elcart or VISA Classic FREE.
  • Ability to fill, withdraw, use the account in sales and service outlets and at the same time maintain savings and accumulation of interest on the average daily balance of the account. 
  • Commission for card refill (with money transfer) - 0% of the amount. 
  • Interest: monthly. 
  • Ability to withdraw interest - monthly with Элкарт and Visa card. 
  • The deposit amount - unlimited.
Visa                                                         Commission
Account replenishment 0%
Cashing in 0%
Elcart Commission
Account replenishment 0%
Cashning in 0% 

Interest rates

  In som In US Dollars In RUR
3-6 months 1.25% 3%
6-9 months 3.75% 4.5%
9-12 months 5% 5.5%
12-18 months 6.5% 6%
18-24 months 8.25% 6.5%
24-36 months 8.75% 7%

Upon expiration of the contract, subject to consent of the client, the period is automatically extended for the same period under the same conditions. The number of prolongations is not limited. This type of deposit makes it possible to implement long-term savings for people that have free cash, helping to gain maximum profit with high interest rates, in addition, and the possibility of using interest through the payment card.

* The Bank reserves the right to install clients with customized commissions and interest rates than those listed above, when you open a deposit in the amount of US $ 100 000 and above, as well as depending on other factors, such as, for example, changing market conditions, in accordance with the legislation of the Kyrgyz Republic