Instructions for obtaining an online overdraft

Online overdraft is a fast and convenient card loan (advance) for participants in the Bank's salary project:

  • without visiting the Bank!
  • without signing contracts!
  • without documents!
  • without collateral and guarantors!
  • in 15-30 minutes!

It's easy to get an Online Overdraft!

Just send an application to MBank Online and get money on your card!

Simple conditions for obtaining:


  • Amount - from 2,000 to 30,000 soms (up to 1st salary);
  • 80% of the overdraft is automatically repaid monthly within 180 or 360 days;
  • 20% overdraft - permanently available balance with automatic renewal;
  • Interest rate - 29.99% per annum (accrued only on the amount actually used);

Online overdraft is your spare wallet for all occasions!

How to get online overdraft via Mbank online?

For Android app users:



For iOS appusers: