How to repay a loan without a visit to the Bank?

Dear Clients! 

Due to the current situation, to ensure greater security, we recommend that you repay loans without visiting a branch of the Bank.


1. Via the MBank Online app 

You can repay a loan through MBank Online from 08:00 to 15:00 by filling out the following details:

  • BIC of the beneficiary's bank
  • Beneficiary account number - account number required to repay the loan installment. You can find out the account number in the loan agreement
  • Recipient name - enter the name of the client;
  • Write-off account will be automatically tightened;
  • Amount - enter the amount of the loan installment;
  • Purpose of payment - example: register loan repayment for April 2020.




2. Through payment terminals

  • In the main menu, select "Banking and financial services"
  • Choose “Repayment of loans and borrowings”
  • Next click the button with our logo
  • Enter loan repayment account
  • Check data
  • Enter the repayment amount, read the commission and confirm the payment.
  • Payments are accepted 7 days a week.
  • The repayment of the deposit before 17:00 will be held this day, after 17:00 - the next working day




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