Leasing is a type of investment activity in which the lessor (the Bank), at the expense of borrowed or own funds, acquires equipment (property) from the supplier and transfers it to the lessee (the client) for temporary possession and use for the payment specified in the lease agreement, with the subsequent transfer of ownership Lessee.

  • Description of leasing: the basic security is leasing itself, real estate, leasing term is longer than in conventional loans, interest rates are lower.
  • Term of consideration: not more than 15 working days;
  • Lease amount:
  • In soms KR: from 50 000 and above;
  • In USD / EUR: from 1000 and above.
  • Term of leasing: from 1 year to 7 years;
  • Interest rates: in soms of the KR 24%, in US dollars / in euros from 19%;
  • Repayment of the loan: monthly annuity payments, flexible schedule, in equal shares;
  • Security: the main security for leasing is the subject of leasing, additionally real estate, personal property or cash in the bank.
  • Guarantee: at least 1 person
  • Insurance: by decision of the Credit Committee
  • Obligatory condition: availability of business.
  • No comission 

        * The effective interest rate is KGS: 27,42%, USD / EUR: 21,2%

* Dear clients, if you encounter illegal actions or unreasonable requests from the Bank's employees when reviewing applications or issuing loans, we ask you to report such cases to the Bank's Contact Center at 0 312 61-33-33 or WhatsApp +996 770 33 -33-69.

All such cases will be considered personally by the Bank's management.