Transfers from Russia to Kyrgyzstan for 30 seconds - through SBERBANK Online by phone number

Now you can send transfers from Russia to Kyrgyzstan in 30 seconds!

Through the mobile application "Sberbank Online" toward user "MBank Online" from "Commercial bank KYRGYZSTAN" on a phone number!

"Commercial bank KYRGYZSTAN" - the first bank in the CIS countries, are connected to the ecosystem Sberbank transfers.

The cost of replenishing 1% minimum of 30 rubles. Limit to send 50 000 rubles per day (up to 1.5 million rubles per month).

How to make a refill through Sberbank On-line at the card of our Bank?

In the "Transfers" section, select the option "Abroad" 


Then "By phone number"

Next, select our Bank and enter the amount, phone number of the recipient to which he has activated the MBank Online service


Next, you need to check the name of the recipient and the amount and confirm the payment, the transfer to the account of the recipient comes instantly


* crediting of the payee's account 0,2%

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