Corporate Cards

A corporate card is an ideal way to organize and control the payment of travel, representative and business expenses for employees of your company.

You can use the corporate card to pay the following expenses:

  •     Expenses related to the main activity of the organization:

        Purchase of goods, settlements with suppliers;
        Payment for services related to the main activities of the company.

  •     Travel and entertainment expenses:

        Payment in the restaurant;
        Purchase of tickets;
        Payment of hotel accommodation;
        Car rent;
        Receipt of per diem.

  •     Economic and overhead costs:

        Purchase of office supplies, office equipment, software;
        Purchases on the Internet (teaching materials, books, etc.);
        Payment for courier and other professional services;
        Other business expenses.

Advantages of a corporate card before cash

  • Control: for each card is established its spending limit, overlimit costs are not possible;
  • Saving time and money: use of corporate cards allows you to reduce operating costs and time associated with obtaining and issuing accountable amounts, a monthly report allows you to quickly and easily check paid checks, there is no need to conduct paper documentation and accounting;
  • Security: the ability to block a corporate card over the phone at any time of the day, if it is lost or stolen.
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