Corporate Visa cards

VISA International - the largest international payment system has a huge network of card services all over the world.

The international corporate card allows:

  • Perform commission-free payments in millions of outlets around the world in any currency;
  • Pay for goods and services on the Internet;
  • Receive cash in ATMs around the world at a convenient time for you and in a currency convenient for you;
  • Ensure the safe storage of funds: in case of theft or loss of the card, call the bank - your card will be immediately blocked;
  • Make automatic conversion of the purchase amount made by means of a card into the currency of the card account (in which country of the world you would not be);
Rules Rates ATM

Additional features:

  • Internet payments
  • 3D-Secure Protection
  • SMS notification
  • Non-contact payment Visa PayWave

Corporate Visa card


  • Are accepted in all countries of the world
  • For payments abroad and on the Internet
  • Validity 3 years

It is recommended to open a corporate card:

  • If you plan to frequently use the card abroad and for frequent Internet purchases
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