Account opening for corporate banking

Having and account in the OJSC "Commercial bank KYRGYZSTAN" – builds the basis for mutually beneficial cooperation between the bank and its clients. In our bank you can get quality service reaching modern level with the system of flexible tariffs. Only in the OJSC "Commercial bank KYRGYZSTAN" you will find an extensive regional representation and a broad network of correspondent banks around the world.

Highly qualified staff makes the OJSC "Commercial bank KYRGYZSTAN" a reliable institution for augmenting and maintaining customer means. OJSC "Commercial bank KYRGYZSTAN" provides its clients with complete security and confidentiality of operations.

To open an account legal entity shall submit the following documents:

  • Application for opening an account signed by the director, chief accountant and certified with a seal.
  • Notarized copies of the charter (Regulation) and the Constituent Agreement (in case where there several founders) which have been duly registered by the institutions of justice or checked with the original and signed by the bank officer in the following order/ date, check  verification, signature.
  • A certificate of registration with the Ministry of Justice (copy).
  • A document certifying authority of the head and the accountant to have the right of first and second signature (the role of such document can belong to the protocol of the founders or shareholders on election of a person on the position of the head as well as the decision of the founders or shareholders on appointment of the head of the legal entity; order).
  • Notarized signature cards of the persons authorized to manage the account with the stamp of the legal entity (in duplicate).
  • Certificate from the tax inspectorate about registration (in the presence of);
  • Statement from tax inspection confirming registration and zero debts before the budget. 
  • Photocopy of passports of the persons authorized to manage the account. 

Tariffs for Settlement and cash services leg.ent (23.01.2020)

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