Individual safe cells

Safe deposit boxes

Rent bank safe - a convenient way to store valuables. Requirements for storage banks are very high, so in a bank safe your valuables are protected much more reliable than any other place.

Distinctive features of our new safe deposit boxes:

  • They are certified for Class 1 resistance to burglary
  • Have a perfect appearance and the highest quality manufacturing of all components
  • Five sizes of individual safes meet a variety of your wishes for the stored volume of personal values
  • Comply with international standards! 

To obtain safe deposit box rental required identification document, sign the contract and pay the rent.

  Small safe:   
case size 30x235x335  and  55x235x335 - 90 days 15 soms per day, over 90 days 11 soms per day

Midle safe:

case size 80x235x335  and  155x235x335 - 90 days 20 soms per day, over 90 days 17 soms per day 


Big safe:

case size 280x235x335  - 90 days 25 soms per day, over 90 days 21 soms per day



The security deposit for residents is 10 000 soms, for non-residents - 15 000 soms.

(at the end of the rental period, the security deposit is returned to the client)

Having signed a contract with OJSC "Commercial bank KYRGYZSTAN", you can:

  • rent safe deposit box at any time from one day to one year
  • take advantage of deposit box from 09:00 to 15:30 on weekdays and from 09:00 to 14:30 on pre-holiday days
  • convey the right to use safe deposit box trustee

ll transactions are completely confidential!! 

Storage individual safe deposit boxes are located at the following addresses:

  • Main operational department - Bishkek, Togolok Moldo street, 54 А
  • Osh branch  - Osh, 119, Kurmanjan Datka str.
  • Jalal-Abad branch - Jalal-Abad, 13 "а", Erkindik str.