Salary Projects

Commercial bank KYRGYZSTAN offers to its clients salary projects for transmission of salary to personal accounts of company members.

Salary projects provide for participation of three parties: Payment system, Company and the Bank, which will service for this Company. It is reasonable to cooperate with the bank, where the settlement account of the company is located, as this allows to minimize time delays in money transfer from the Company account to the company members’ accounts.

The role of the bank in salary project is significant – all the expenses for project implementation will be fixed on it: issue and servicing of plastic cards, purchase of equipment, etc. The project undoubtedly poses certain benefit to the bank itself, as the assets of the Company members will be accumulated in its accounts, and in addition the bank will receive some percent from each operation carried out by the Card holder.

Benefits for the Company:
Transfer of salary to the bank account serviced by the plastic card allows to significantly simplify the work of accountancy and cash sections of the company and to reduce the number of members working in such sections.
Use of banking payment cards upon distribution of payroll through ATM and cash dispensers decrease the cost of the company and eliminates the problem of obtaining, storage and transportation of cash assets.
Peak loads at the days of payroll distribution are reduced.
The problem of depositing of available funds, breaking the cash budget eliminates.
The period of payroll distribution is extended, which eliminates unscheduled company down time in the days of salary payment.
Accrual of interest to the card accounts of the Company members increases their actual income without expenses to the Company.
The companies having branches (including in other regions) have an opportunity to make centralized payroll distribution and it is not necessary to collect money for salary.
The Company can count for provision of favorable bank servicing (including soft bank lending)depending on amount of money assets in the special card accounts of its members. With such system of settlement the Company acquires additional source of incomes, and its members – universal payment means, guarantee of full independence from cash money.

Benefit for company members:
All the inconveniences related to necessity to have cash money and big cash amounts are excluded.
Quickness of settlements is ensured.
The card holder does not depend on day and time of salary distribution. He can receive required cash amount (you can withdraw the whole amount if you need) in any Automated Teller Machine or cash dispenser of the payment system.
In addition to salary, the Company member can deposit to the card his own available funds for storage and accumulation, and he can do it from any branch of issuing bank etc.
Possibility to withdraw money in all regions of the republic and abroad.

For more detailed information and signing of contract on Salary project you can apply to the following phone number + 996 (312)  61 48 56