"MBank Online" - connect without leaving your home!

24 December 2018

We are glad to inform you that now mobile banking "MBank Online" can be connected without visiting the branch in just 5 minutes via your smartphone! This is very convenient for those customers who do not yet have a card account in our Bank.

By registering independently * MBank Online, a user can:

  • Pay for all available services (housing and communal services, cellular communications, Internet, fines MANAGEMENT ROAD SAFETY, taxes and more than 300 services)     
  • Receive free delivery of the most popular service NambaFood     
  • Refill your account for free at the partner payment terminals - Mobile, QiWi, AsisNur and Bank branches.     
  • Receive transfers by phone number from identified MBank Online users.

If customer has a card account in the “Bank of KYRGYZSTAN” and wants to get access to his bank cards or the ability to send money transfers, then it is necessary for him to contact the Bank for identification.

How to register yourself?

1) it is enough to download the application "MBank Online" in the AppStore and Google Play

2) Click on the "Register" link.

3) Register a mobile phone number in 996 format.........

4) Fill in the fields, come up with your 4 or 6-digit pin code and enter the confirmation code from the SMS message to complete the registration

* There is a restriction for users who have completed self-registration:

  • Upon self-registration, the client will open 1 virtual bank account and only in soms.
  • There are restrictions on limits:

          - Balance up to 15,000 soms

          - Revolutions per month up to 30,000 soms


You can find out more about the service by calling the Contact Center - around the clock:     

  • 0 (312) 61 3333   
  • 0 (556) 61 3333     
  • 0 (701) 3333 69     
  • 0 (770) 3333 69 WhatsApp

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