"MBank Online" can be connected without visiting a branch in just 5 minutes!

20 March 2019
MBank Online can be connected without visiting a branch in just 5 minutes via your smartphone!

It is very convenient for those customers who do not yet have a card account in our Bank.

By registering yourself * MBank Online you can:
  • Pay for all available services (housing and communal services, cellular communications, the Internet, fines, taxes and more than 300 services);
  • Receive free delivery of the most popular service NambaFood;
  • Top up your account for free at AsisNur payment terminals and Bank branches;
  • Receive transfers by phone number from identified MBank Online users.

How to register yourself?

  • It's enough to download «MBank Online» app in the AppStore and Google Play
  • Click on the link "Register"
  • Register your mobile phone number in the format 996 ........
  • Fill in the fields, to come up with a 4- or 6-digit PIN code and enter the code from text messages to complete the registration

More details about the service, you can find out by calling the Contact Center - around the clock:

  • 0 (312/556) 61 33 33
  • 0 (701/770) 33 33 69
  • 0 (770) 33 33 69 WhatsApp

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