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14 August 2019

Dear customers, we remind you that

up to September 2019 you must pay tax on transport, residential real estate and land. This can be done without spending a lot of time and effort through MBank Online service of "Commercial bank KYRGYZSTAN". 

After payment, the data instantly goes to the STS and you can check the success of payment on the STS website using the receipt code. The payment receipt is generated after payment, you can save it, print it, send to your e-mail or any instant messengers.

Through MBank Online you can pay taxes to individuals and individual entrepreneurs: 

  • Real estate tax, land;
  • Individual Transport Tax;
  • Voluntary patent;
  • Mandatory patent;
  • Income tax on employees (patent).

How to make payment?

1. Enter the application by typing in the "login" field a phone number in the format 996 **** and your pin code

2. Go to the transaction section. In the section "Payment" choose "Taxes"

3. Enter your ITN

4. The system automatically displays the data of the taxpayer (full name)

5. Choose the type of tax "Tax on transportation of individuals"

6. Choose an region and district

7. Enter the amount and confirm the payment

How to connect? 

MBank Online can be connected in one click independently or in any branch of “Bank KYRGYZSTAN”.

How to replenish?

You can top up your MBank Online without a commission through any "Pay24" or "Quick Pay" terminal.

Other MBank Online service opportunities 

More information can be found in the contact center banks - around the clock:
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