Sberbank and "Commercial bank KYRGYZSTAN" transfer system launched at the phone number

21 August 2019

In August 2019, the money transfer functionality was successfully launched using the phone number from the card of Sberbank clients via the Sberbank Online mobile application to the MBank Online user cards from the Commercial Bank KYRGYZSTAN.

"Commercial bank KYRGYZSTAN" - the first bank in the CIS countries, are connected to the ecosystem Sberbank transfers.

“According to official figures, more than 600 thousand of our compatriots are earning money in Russia, and we always thought about how we can simplify the process of transferring money to Kyrgyzstan for them. Our Bank at that time already had a system of transfers by phone number in Kyrgyzstan, and we decided why not implement such a system with the largest Bank of Russia. And we are glad that Sberbank, as the unconditional leader of the retail financial market of the Russian Federation, supported our proposal” - commented Aminat Grivtsova, Deputy CEO of Commercial Bank KYRGYZSTAN.

“Sberbank continues to develop the ecosystem of instant money transfers and expands its geography. Our goal is to enable clients to transfer abroad as easily and quickly as they are used to doing it in Russia. We welcome our first partner in the CIS - Commercial Bank of Kyrgyzstan, whose clients will now be able to quickly and easily transfers from Russia" - said vice-president of the Savings Bank, director of" Payments and Transfers "Igor Mamontov.

Sending money via the Sberbank Online mobile application to the MBank Online user can be easily entered only by the recipient’s phone number in the 996 format. The transfer comes instantly, and the money is credited automatically to any Bank KYRGYZSTAN card.

“We have created a convenient service, because almost everyone from Russia has Sberbank cards, and now Kyrgyzstanis can send money to their families without filling out extra fields, without remembering the long card numbers and other things, and knowing only the recipient’s mobile phone number” - Head of the Remote Banking Services, Commercial Bank KYRGYZSTAN Samanchieva Nazgul.

Transfer is carried out through the Sberbank Online application:

In the "Transfers" section, select the option "Abroad", then "To a foreign bank"


Next, select our Bank and enter the amount, phone number of the recipient to which he has activated the MBank Online service


Next, you need to check the name of the recipient and the amount and confirm the payment, the transfer to the account of the recipient comes instantly


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