Retail business manager (Bokonbaevo vill.)

Region: Issyk-Kul

Publication Date: 8 May 2019

Competition announced for the position of Retail Business Manager (Bokonbaevo vill., Balykchy Branch)


  • Higher education;
  • work experience in the financial and credit sphere for at least 1 year;

Additional benefits are knowledge and possession:

  • The method of financial analysis used by the Bank;
  • Procedures for the execution of banking operations related to the implementation of the functions of the credit department, operational department;
  • Marketing Basics:
  • Features of work with client base;
  • Methods for assessing and implementing collateral;
  • Experience in holding meetings, meetings, discussions;
  • The presence of organizational skills;
  • Knowledge of current standards and procedures for processing credit documentation;
  • Knowledge of the requirements of the Law “On counteracting the legalization (laundering) of criminal proceeds and financing Terrorist or Extremist Activities.


  • Quality and timely execution of work assigned by the Director of the branch;
  • Attracting customers to serve the Bank’s products, including direct marketing (direct meeting with current and potential customers of the bank);
  • Quick execution and / or control at all stages of the lending process, from the moment the borrower applies to the bank until the final payment of the loan;
  • Providing quality advice to the client of the bank's products and services in the case of customer interest in obtaining them (loans, deposits, according to payroll project service, mobile banking, etc.);
  • Accepting applications for a loan;
  • Gathering the necessary documents for the formation of the loan file and submission to the Credit Committee;
  • Solving issues regarding the continuous operation of ATMs and resolving current customer issues related to servicing bank cards in cooperation with a branch.
Working conditions:
  • Employment according to the Labor Code of the Kyrgyz Republic;
  • Work in a modern office in the city center.

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