Contactless payment PayWave / PayPass

Cards with contactless payment technology differ from the usual in that they can be used to pay for goods at checkout instantly, with a single touch. One has only to bring the card to a special reader – the purchase has already been paid!

Such cards have a chip and an antenna, thanks to which information about the payment is transmitted to the terminal. This new product is sure to please those for whom time is money. After all, now you do not have to give the card to the cashier, and if the cost of goods or services is less than 1500 som, enter the PIN code is also not necessary.

There are contactless

Visa and MasterCard cards

with technology

Advantages of cards with contactless technology:

Record payment transaction speed.

No need to transfer a bank card to the cashier.

You will not have to enter a PIN code (for transactions up to 1500 soms per day or an equivalent amount in another currency).

Contactless cards are less likely to be mechanically exposed, and, accordingly, less wear.

It is especially convenient to pay with these cards where speed is important, and the amounts are not very large: at gas stations, in cafes and shops.

Can be used in ordinary ATMs or terminals.

Accepted in more than 30 countries.

How to use contactless cards?

You can make a contactless payment in those places where there are Visa payWave or MasterCard PayPass logos. The purchase scheme is as follows:


Check the purchase amount

at the Pos-terminal.


Bring the card to the reader

device with a "wave" icon





A beep sounds,

that confirms the payment.

The terminal will automatically print the check.

Important: when exceeding the allowable amount

(1500 som per day) need to be introduced

PIN code.