Virtual VISA cards

A VISA virtual card is an international VISA payment card that is issued without a plastic carrier. The card details (number and expiration date) are stored in the MBANK mobile application, the Bank sends the CVV/CVC code by SMS to the phone number during registration.



Free and convenient release

The card can be issued by a citizen of Kyrgyzstan without visiting the Bank's office from anywhere in the world through MBANK. Virtual VISA card is issued instantly in a couple of seconds — no need to wait for it to be delivered, you can immediately start using it.

Payment for goods worldwide

With a virtual card, you can conveniently pay for purchases in online stores, including foreign ones, as well as subscriptions to any services (Yandex, Netflix, IWI, iTunes, etc.).

Secure online payment

The card is more secure than plastic, no one will see your card number or CVV code. The risks of "leaving" your plastic bank card data in an unreliable place when making online payments are also reduced.

Replenishment of the card is absolutely free

Free replenishment of the virtual card in more than 10 000 terminals, as well as through other e-wallets of partners throughout Kyrgyzstan. 

Service management

How to issue a virtual card in a couple of seconds?

1. Log in to MBANK. On the main page, click on the "Open a new product" button.

2. Select the product. Click on the "Issue a virtual card" button.

3.  Read the brief information and click on "Issue a card".

4. Select the currency in which you want to open the card. Check out the rates and click "Get".

5. After that, it remains to wait just a couple of seconds and the map will be ready.

6. The card will immediately appear in MBANK and will be available for use.

7. The Bank will send an SMS message with the card details and a CVV/CVC code.

8. The rest of the virtual card data is stored in MBANK and can only be viewed by you.

9. If the SMS is lost over time, it is always possible to send your card details again via MBANK.