Escrow account

           Escrow account  is a special account in which the funds are taken into account before the occurrence of certain circumstances, or perform of certain obligations.

    Escrow account is designed to block funds, without the right to commit expenditure operations to fulfill the obligations in respect of which placed the money!           

           Advantages of Escrow account for client

1.      It allows to ensure the security of finding funds from the persons to whom they do not belong on the property right;

2.        Involve a third party to increase the convenience in making payments;

3.        Reduced business risk and increase the likelihood of successful completion of the transaction;

4.        Minimize the risks of forgery and fraud.

           Tariffs of Escrow account:

Opening and closing of account  free
Amount of deal no limits

Account Management

0.1% of the transaction amount, regardless of the amount

Translation of funds from / into "escrow account" according to current tariffs of the Bank