Gold bars

On June 15, 2016, OJSC Commercial Bank KYRGYZSTAN updated the license and obtained the right to conduct transactions with precious metals in the form of gold bullions issued by the National Bank.

Parameters of gold bars:

Weight, gram      


Width, mm     

Length, mm      


1 999,9 8 13,8 In the package-certificate
2 999,9 11 18,9 In the package-certificate
5 999,9 14 24,1 In the package-certificate
10 999,9 15 25,8 In the package-certificate
31,1035 999,9 22 37,9 In the package-certificate  
100 999,9 27 45

Stored without protected packaging
In polyethylene bags.

Rules for dealing with gold bars:

  • Products made of precious metals must be stored and operated in conditions that exclude their mechanical damage.
  • Eliminate the interaction of products made of precious metals with substances containing active chemical compounds (household chemical goods, cosmetics, etc.). Especially dangerous are the compounds of chlorine, iodine and mercury.
  • Banking bullion bars of precious metals of mass 1, 2, 5, 10., and 31.1035. Are stored in special protected packages, protecting precious metals from oxidation, pollution and mechanical damage. Measured ingots with a mass of 100 g. Are stored without protected packaging in polyethylene bags.
  • A high sample of precious metal causes extreme softness of the metal - the surface is scratched even from the touch of fingers, cloth or napkins. When a protected package is opened, the likelihood of contamination or metal damage increases manifold.
  • When working with measuring ingots weighing 100 g. It is necessary to apply soft cotton gloves, take only past the edges of the ingot.
  • The integrity of the protected package ensures the authenticity of the measuring ingots and provides immediate settlement with the client for the redemption of the measured ingot. If the package with the measured ingot is damaged or missing, the measuring ingot is sent for detailed examination in the NBKR. For conducting a detailed examination, a fee of 7% of the redemption amount of the measured ingots is charged.

With the cost of gold bars can be found on the main page, clicking on the tab "Gold".