Zolotaya Korona



"Zolotaya Korona" is a service of instant money transfers without opening an account, having more than 50 thousand service points in the territory of Russia, countries of near and far abroad. 

"Zolotaya Korona - Money Transfers" is:

  • Speed ​​- money transfer can be received in a few seconds after it is sent.
  • Convenience - it is enough to indicate only the country and city where the transfer is sent. The recipient himself will be able to choose the most convenient point for issuing the transfer. You can find the nearest service points on the website of the "Zolotaya Korona - Money Transfers" service.
  • Control - you can check the status of the translation 24 hours a day in on-line mode on the website of the "Zolotaya Korona - Money Transfer" service.
  • Availability - commission for the implementation of the transfer - one of the lowest.
  • Currency of transfer - rubles, US dollars, euro.


Tariffs for sending money transfers "Zolotaya Korona"


Additional information about the service "Zolotaya Korona - Money Transfers" - on the site koronapay.com or by calling the 24-hour support service at +7 (495) 96-00-555 (calls are charged according to the rules of the operator of communication).

The money transfer operator is the Payment Center SNCO (LLC), the license of the Central Bank of Russia No. 3166-K dated 14.04.2014. The full list of organizations providing the money transfer service Zolotaya Korona is available on koronapay.com.

You can view the list of the Bank's branches here