Zolotaya Korona Money Transfer to Elkart or Visa

The service is provided to cardholders on the basis of Elcart and Visa payment systems issued by banks of the Kyrgyz Republic to receive transfers sent from CIS countries. 

How to transfer money to the card?

1. Download Zolotaya Korona (+6) - Money Transfer

2. Enter the phone number in the 996*** format, to which the translation code was received.

3. The phone number will receive a password from KoronaPay, which you need to enter.

4. Select the option "Get a money transfer".

5. To transfer to the card, you must select the option "Transfer to card".

6. Enter the recipient's name and surname, specified when sending the transfer.

7. Specify the credit card details of the recipient (16-digit card number indicated on the front side, card expiration date (month and year), and CVV card code (the last 3 digits on the back of the card.) Choose option “Transfer”